How to Choose a Style of Garage Door

How to Choose a Style of Garage Door Phoenix AZ

It seems like every time you flip on a home improvement show they are off in the kitchen or bathroom again investing enormous amounts of money in places that only their family and friends will see.  People even spend extra money on attractive and energy efficient windows.  One of the big places that everyone sees from the road is the garage door.  It’s a real source for first impressions and an easy way to improve curb appeal.  Listed here are tips on how to choose the right style of door for your home and your needs.

Different climate demands, different materials

All too often we regard these doors as simply a just form of shelter and security for our vehicles and our property. As it does its job for us we need to be aware of the different demands that our climates place on these vital elements of our home security.  We all have experienced that terrible feeling when there’s a breach in our home’s security, an unsettling feeling for sure.  While materials might vary many of the styles are actually available across different mediums.  Some of those popular styles are raised panel, recessed panel, flush panel, Carriage House overlay and Carriage House stamped.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

How to Choose a Garage Door Phoenix AZ

Given the extreme heat we experience in Phoenix one of the best options for garage doors is going to be fiberglass.  While wood doors are definitely an attractive option fiberglass out performs them when it comes to splitting, cracking and degradation.

Wood Garage Doors

How to Choose a Style of Garage DoorAnother very aesthetically pleasing and desirable option are wood garage doors.  Whether it comes to what we put on the outside of our house or when we are choosing furniture to reside in our homes the allure of wood is hard to deny.  The warmth and authenticity of the grain and color makes any home more attractive.  It might be a little more costly, but its metal and fiberglass counterparts have a hard time matching the charm and beauty of wood.  Cedar, Mahogany and Oak have natural attributes that make them go to choices for their beauty.

Metal Garage Doors

How to Choose a Garage Door Phoenix AZFor homes that might not want to install a higher powered garage door motor metal garage doors offer a great solution.  Another great application is for older homes, the longevity of the metal doors allow for painting and restyling.  When it comes to areas that are prone to high winds metal garage doors offer great resistance to being damaged and better performance defending against burglary.

Selecting a style that compliments the architecture of your home

Once you have selected a material you have the opportunity to choose which aesthetic design you think will look best on your home.  In the old days there was very little variation for how garage doors were configured and functioned.  Nowadays you have options that include things like windows, lights, and can even be made to match the architectural details of your home. The styles range as far as your imagination but many popular styles can be individual doors, double sided doors and even more contemporary options.

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